How to create garden

How to create garden

The people locked in the dusty cities seek to go on nature as often as possible. Great way to combine business with pleasure is purchase of garden. That your stay in garden was comfortable, and use of space maximum, it is necessary to plan the site correctly.


1. At first mentally, and then and on paper draw the plan of the site. Think over where the house will be located. It should not shade your landings therefore usually the house is built in northwest corner of the site. Respectively and access road it is necessary to do from that region of the site where there is house. It will allow to reduce as much as possible the space occupied by the house and access road.

2. Plan the place for water source (well or the big accumulative tank), baths, constructions for garden tools, toilet. For water it is better for Buck to put near the house. So you will have opportunity to have constantly rain water for watering. For this purpose it is necessary to bring drain system from the rooftop to tank.

3. Then plan placement of fruit trees, bushes, compost heap. Traditionally along perimeter of the site plant trees to create green hedge which protects the site from dust off the road and also from cold wind. Learn from neighbors or take an interest in garden association what fruit trees well grow on this earth. You obtain useful information and will be able to avoid disappointments.

4. If you want to work all summer, then provide the place for the greenhouse and vegetable beds. If you prefer to behold only, but not to create, then plan the place of artificial reservoir, gazebos, the Alpine hills.

5. The gazebo is usually done in the form of circle, rectangle or square. It has to occupy the space to 7 sq.m. Walls of gazebo are screens from figured grids which create the necessary half-shade and do not prevent the people sitting in it to behold the nature and fruits of the works.

6. Each gardener dreams to have artificial decorative reservoir on the site. There is nothing more simply. If it was necessary to potter very long earlier, creating the waterproofing covering, then now it is possible to buy the ready pool for small pond. It will be necessary to dig out ditch, to lay this preparation in it and to disguise edges stones and plants.

7. Do not forget also about paths. They have to be not only functional, but also beautiful. It is better to think over in advance where paths will be laid. The most comfortable width of the main road – 80 cm. Materials of which do paths are very different. Originally and harmoniously in garden the wooden path will look. It represents the round timbers of identical height which are sawn off from wooden billets of wood laid on sand-gravel mix. After intervals between "tiles" cover with earth and sow lawn grass. When it fills all intervals, the path will take the finished form. On it, by the way, it is very pleasant to go barefoot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team