How to create garden arch the hands

How to create garden arch the hands

The garden arch belongs to the category of the decorative designs designed to decorate the site. It can be executed in the form of several identical in form and the size of the elements united by one roof.

The basic structural component of arch – support. It can be made of tree, brick, metal, plastic. Wooden arches have many advantages: they are more beautiful, simple in leaving, are inexpensive, are easily and quickly mounted.

How to make wooden arch?

From tree will be necessary for production of garden arch: bar with a section of 6 cm, sand, software metalprofile 60/27, crushed stone, nails or self-tapping screws, PVA glue, primer antiseptics or ognebiozashchitny solution.

Having decided on location and height of arch, start installation of columns. The bar is processed primer with property antiseptics that will protect wood from wreckers and rotting. In the right places dig out two holes. Their depth has to be such that the bottom was located lower than the level of freezing of soil. This condition needs to be met in order that has not warped rack during the seasonal motions of the soil caused by action of forces of rebound. In hole fill sand layer of 5-7 cm. Level it, spill water from hose and stamp. Then make dumping of crushed stone or gravel (stones have to be average fraction - 20/40 mm). This layer is leveled too and condensed. The column is put in hole and fix it in vertical position by means of struts. Then make backfilling. The upper part of arch can be executed in the form of horizontally laid crossbeam or in the form of semicircle. Production of garden arch in the form of letter "P" - the simplest decision. Wood can be connected nails, self-tapping screws or by means of glue. If the semicircle is necessary, it is made of metalprofile which is used in work with plasterboard. To bend metal, in side levels of profile through each 5 cm do cuts. For this purpose it is possible to use scissors on metal or the Bulgarian. Then the profile is bent. Such arch demands obligatory dressing to close metal. It can be enveloped cellular polycarbonate with thickness of plate no more than 4 mm, to braid with rod (sanded up willow rods) or cane. But the best way to decorate arch is to decorate it with climbers.

How to make arch of metal rods and steel grid?

Material which will be used for construction of metal arch needs to be covered with either primer, or paint with anticorrosion properties. Bars with a section not less than 5 mm strengthen in soil and bend in upper part in the form of arch. Two main support between which pull steel grid with small cell have to turn out. Arch sidewalls optional have to be continuous: it is possible to make several narrow crossing points. Then metal can be painted the color, most suitable to design of the site.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team