How to create garden labyrinth

How to create garden labyrinth

The garden has to have interesting accent, whether it be shady picturesque tree or reservoir. Such interesting and unusual element can be created also own hands. Try to put garden labyrinth. On it it is very pleasant to walk, and for children it is the most real attraction.

Choose labyrinth form. It can be both square, and round, and triangular. The choice has to be caused by form of your garden site.

Draw the approximate plan of garden, think over where entrances to labyrinth, which maybe will be located a little (though it is possible to be limited quite and to one). In the middle of labyrinth treble the composition center. It is the small site towering over all composition. It can be the small fountain surrounded with beds and small benches or evergreen plant, fir-tree, pine or thuja. It is also possible to arrange high bed of annual plants.

The labyrinth can be made both of plants, and of stones. Spread stone labyrinth from tiles or flat stones, they can be put flatwise or to drive the edge party in the soil. Vegetable labyrinths are much more various. They can be suited from almost any plants. The most budgetary option - from annual flowers. Pick up the flowers having dense bush and blossoming on extent of the entire period. It can be lion's pharynx, koleus, ageratum, tseloziya. Very originally labyrinths from decorative cabbage or kokhiya (summer cypress) look. If you are sure of the choice, plant long-term flowers: sedums, verbeynik, irises, button-snakeroot and many others. Select long-term flowers which blossoming is replaced by the friend of lrug, then your labyrinth will be decorative all season. However you should not put too many different types that the garden was not too motley. It prevents to perceive its outlines. From coniferous plants create labyrinths which are decorative all the year round. Such gardens from deciduous bushes are very beautiful: spire, puzyreplodnik, Derain. However such garden has also shortcomings, bushes need to be cut periodically, giving them the correct geometrical form. After landing of plants arrange paths. Dig out trench of 25 centimeters in depth. On contour of footpaths make border. Fill trench with sand, stamp, then fill crushed stone. Over it lay the chosen covering. It is very pleasant to walk on footpaths from lawn grass. Make border of special tape, stamp the soil and seed grass. Periodically mow it the trimmer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team