How to create landscaping of the site

How to create landscaping of the site

The concept "landscaping" is meant as big package of measures for creation of comfortable and beautiful living space with use of plants and architecture. The device of garden of the dream should be begun with development of the project in which not only placement of separate objects, but also order of their creation will be considered.

It is required to you

  • - geodetic plan of the site;
  • - construction materials;
  • - planting stocks.


1. Draw the plan of the available site. It is the best of all to do it, having at the order the geodetic plan as when developing design it will be required to consider the existing buildings and large trees, level of underground water and underground services if they exist.

2. Allocate the main functional zones of the site on the plan. As a rule, at registration consider the entrance zone representing the hallmark of the house. Economic part, on the contrary, is hidden from public eyes, but has to be easily available to owners. The garden or garden zone at which placement it should be taken into account degree of illumination of the site and land relief is separately planned. The recreation area will become necessary element of good garden. Plan it so that to use in any weather. In this site of garden it is possible to provide gazebo or canopy for rest in rainy time. Rescue from the hot sun will require shady corner.

3. Add on the plan of footpath which will connect zones among themselves. Depending on for what purpose paths will be used, choose their width and type of covering. Walking footpaths, as a rule, become rather spacious. Connect economic part with garden or garden zone the paths sufficient for pass with the garden cart or tools. If entrance part of garden assumes the parking, plan in this place steady covering with thick layer of drainage.

4. Place on the plan of plant. Consider at the same time their requirements to type of the soil and lighting. Including in garden design of group or separate trees, learn to what height the chosen look or grade can grow. When choosing flowers try to provide coloristic effects which can be received from these plants.

5. Develop the scheme of illumination of garden. As a rule, good illumination is demanded by entrance zone, economic part and the main paths.

6. Before the device of garden plan the actions so that already ready objects have not been damaged in the course of later work. First of all implement that part of the plan which demands attraction of heavy machinery. Finally leave planting of medium-sized ornamental plants and placement of small garden decor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team