How to create lonely corner in garden

How to create lonely corner in garden

It is not important how to call the place in the country: the garden or giving - desire to have a rest in the fresh air under shadow of trees and without excess vanity will be around always. As it is the best of all to equip such place for himself, depends, first of all, on available free space and materials.

First, it is worth taking into account what size you want own vacation spot. Someone has enough also hammock between trees in shadow, and someone is ready to build the whole gazebo with full-fledged roof and the corresponding internal arrangement. If all of you have decided to sweep aside option with hammock in view of insufficiency of privacy, then options for creation of corner can be a little.

Having chosen the perfect place, to you anyway it is worth or leveling the earth for installation of table and chairs or sofa, or to make full-fledged floor. Filling by concrete or laying of plates can be suitable for floor. It is worth using material which will not decay and will not get out of shape from humidity.

The gazebo can be two options – with roof and without. Construction without roof can be limited to simple driving in of metal or wooden columns around. From above it is enough to start up thin metal or wooden rods. On this simple design it is possible to start up grapes which literally for few months will expand and will tighten everything from the sun, having created artificial shadow. Its advantage is that the plant can set any form, and in essence the plant is very unpretentious. If such option seems very difficult and impractical, it is possible to cut willow rods of which to make wattled lodge. If to leave gleams, in it will be and it is rather solar, and at the same time many sounds will not reach the area inside. All above-mentioned options were rather budgetary and simple on the execution.

The ideas of projects of gazebo with roof it is much bigger, but at all of them much in common. This building having framework in the form of bar or logs, boarded. For bigger beauty it is possible to add patten wood carving. Covering height, as a rule, reaches belt to the adult of people, and all other space is left open for ensuring airing. The roof also represents timber frame construction: or twin, or straight line with bias in one of the parties. Such choice gives the chance of drain of water during rain. In such place it is possible to put anything inside, without being afraid for safety because of weather patterns. But nevertheless for any vacation spot of rather folding sun bed or simple chairs. In such place you will be able always to have a rest after work on beds or just to be chosen to esteem during heat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team