How to create original beds?

How to create original beds?

Whether you find time for creativity? Whether you find the place for it in the life? All have talent for drawing or singing not, it is interesting to knit or sew not everything too, can dance honourable age will not allow. What a difference kitchen garden. Business both useful, and creative. Not many guess that gardening and maintaining kitchen garden can be turned into art if the nobility as. First of all look at your beds. Whether they cause esthetic pleasure whether there is a wish to admire them? If is not present — we take tools and we turn to work.

What materials need to be used during creation of beds? • Protections for beds from galvanized metal or so-called high beds

Stones, slate and bricks as objects of obstacle of beds remained deeply in the past. Now protections from galvanized metal are fashionable. They are convenient, strong and look esthetically. With their help the kitchen garden at once changes, becomes more "civilized" and accurate. Installation of metal obstacles will become the first step on the way to creation beautifulof kitchen garden.

  • Wooden support for cucumbers

Now we will take support for cucumbers. How do they look on your site? Most often the design of support represents the thin stake from not pared down tree irregularly hammered into earth surface. At the same time, as it is possible to be unrolled on this element of decor! Graceful arches, short flights of stairs and plates from the varnished tree will decorate your kitchen garden.· containers for plants from natural materials handmade Clay pots, boxes from the tree painted manually, the wooden fencings twined ivy or grapes give to personal plot cozy and stylish look. You walk on shops, trying to discover natural materials, such as straw wickers, clay, stones — all this is useful in registration of kitchen garden. • Jewelry for ogorodazavershita picture landscaping elements. Garden figures, or for example lamps which are loaded from the sun will be useful to you. Any online store of landscaping with pleasure will offer you the list of such tools. What features need to be considered at modernization of kitchen garden? Beds will look more cheerfully if you peremezhut them with ranks of bright annual plants or different types of salad. The calendula and marigold not only improve overall view of beds, but also improve the soil, frighten off wreckers. Competently think over the scheme of landing of plants, relying on the need of plants for watering and color combination of future plants. Perfectly spicy herbs, for example sage look near beds. Greens can be planted in chessboard order to give to landscape variety. Thinking of design, do not forget also about plants. Cabbage, for example, beret from the soil is a lot of nutrients so it is necessary to plant after it haricot or peas. So from subject of decoration of beds you will smoothly pass to rules of courting behind them. Any skilled owner of kitchen garden knows about secrets of this craft. Address the familiar gardeners for further consultation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team