How to create rock garden on the country site

How to create rock garden on the country site

Any person would like to have certain own corner where he could have a rest body and soul, to get pleasant emotions and joy. For many the country house or modern giving where it is possible to create beauty of the primitive nature, the flower bed or rock garden recreated independently according to own vision of fine becomes such place.

If you have got own country site and you have opportunity to create on it rock garden, then such opportunity cannot miss at all! The rock garden today is sign of taste, refinement.

In general, the rock garden is the certain "house" imitation of mountain landscapes consisting of set of the Alpine plants which still call the Alpine flora. As a part of rock gardens there are boulders which play not smaller role, than plants. Such blocks have to be irregular shape, with chips, but not equal and roundish. It is the simplest to use quarrystone or stone savage, besides it is possible to apply granite cobble-stones.

It is not necessary to confuse rock garden with rokariy – one more kind of compositions consisting of plants and stones. The fact is that for the rock aria the origin of these plants does not play absolutely any role. Both compositions are excellent addition to design of the site which will make your site really original!

Whether it is possible to create rock garden independently

Certainly, it is possible to create rock garden, somehow it is created by others, isn't it? But procedure this extremely labor-consuming, though pleasant. The difficulty is that for creation of rock garden it is necessary to have deep knowledge of area of the Alpine flora, its features, conditions of growth and other. Moreover, you have to have the developed imagination. Interest here in what to do something with own hand – it is always interesting!

At last, it would be desirable to make some recommendations concerning creation of the Alpine hills:

  • First of all, the most suitable place for arrangement of rock garden on the site is rough gibbous country.
  • The rock garden is perfectly combined from any sort by reservoirs.
  • It is undesirable to use at execution of the Alpine hill cement slurry as so in the future it can be reconstructed.
  • Additional illumination of composition it will be fine to look on your site. Height of rock garden should not be big, fifty-hundred fifty centimeters quite will be enough.
  • Regarding the soil necessary for the Alpine flora, it is recommended to use for this purpose limestone or sandstone.
  • At last, try to photograph "creation" during various seasons that to you was with what to compare. Besides, as you will be able to trace its "evolution".

Also we will not forget about attention and care!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team