How to create the Japanese interior in the apartment

How to create the Japanese interior in the apartment

Despite differences in mentality, the exotic East always attracted to itself Europeans. One of the most wonderful and mysterious countries Japan which has had very significant effect on the European culture is considered for a long time. It is possible therefore also interiors in the Japanese style gain the increasing popularity.


1. Characteristic feature of the Japanese interior is the minimalism. At it there are only most necessary objects, however the room does not look empty. There is everything that is required for creation of comfort, at total or partial absence of decorative elements.

2. The Japanese house or the apartment is distinguished by the free planning leaving a lot of open space. Capital partitions usually are absent, they are replaced by light sliding partitions. Their framework is made of tree, insert squares of rice paper or opal glass into it. Thus, the room can be reduced or increased easily. If the apartment is supplied with loggia, the wall, adjacent to it, becomes sliding. In loggia it is the best of all to arrange small Japanese garden which traditionally is continuation of interior.

3. The board sexual covering is made of light wood and dimmed by carpets or mats. Walls are painted in light tone. One of features of the Japanese interior – huge window openings. Usually graphic drawing of panes and sliding partitions coincide. Windows seldom drape with textiles. Curtains can be replaced with blinds. As decoration of walls serve the pictures representing the Japanese landscapes.

4. The Japanese furniture made of natural materials differs in minimum height. Sliding wardrobes in which Japanese remove the majority of things which can block up interior have wide circulation. Furniture, wall panels and the fabrics used in interior are decorated with hieroglyphs much. The most widespread fabrics in interior are silk and natural cotton of white or cream tones. In general the Japanese interior is most often carried out in light color gamma.

5. Important role is played by lighting. Natural light perfectly comes to the room through huge windows. Artificial evening lighting – soft and scattered. It is created by means of lamp shades from paper, silk or opal glass. In the Japanese interior there is no place to magnificent bouquets of flowers or abundance of houseplants. Here one flower in vase or the tiny growing tree the Bonsai suffices.

6. Creating interior in the Japanese style in the apartment, it is not necessary to copy its traditional receptions completely. It is necessary to remember that housing has to be, first of all, convenient. Therefore you should not replace usual chairs and chairs with pillows for sitting on floor. It is enough to use the general principles of style – minimalism, light tone and abundance of free space.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team