How to create thuja

How to create thuja

The thuja can become excellent decoration of the seasonal dacha if it is correctly created. Tui can be put along wall of the house or as green hedge. The dense and beautiful dark green needles are perfectly combined with bright colors and juicy light greens of other garden plants.

It is required to you

  • Garden scissors


1. Choose for thuja slightly shaded site with fertile soil. At too bright sun at all species of thuja solar burns can be formed. But the shadow should not be and too dense, otherwise the needles will become rare and pale. If the soil poor, thuja thins, will begin to fructify and will quickly lose decorative look. If you have green hedge, then it is necessary to plant thujas not closer, than at half a meter distance from each other. It is necessary to water it in the first month after landing. Further — it is rare, but is abundant, not less than 15 l of water on each plant. In the first fall after landing it is necessary to cover young trees. Further it is not required, adult strong trees normally transfer even hard winter.

2. Begin forming of krone for the second year after landing. Cut off top, it stimulates growth of side escapes. For the first hairstyle of it will be enough. The needles will look more dense. The thuja perfectly transfers hairstyle if not to shear at once too much and not to weaken plant. Cut off about a third of escape length. It concerns not only tops, but also side branches.

3. After the first hairstyle wait till next spring. Again cut topmost escapes and begin to form sides. It is better to make green hedge in the form of bar with the flat parties. Single trees can be formed as your imagination will prompt. Cut escapes which go beyond the form planned by you. For the third year after landing it is recommended to feed up thuja mineral fertilizers.

4. When the tree reaches the required height, carry out regular form-building hairstyles. It is possible to cut it several times a year, during the warm periods. It is undesirable to cut thuja before the onset of cold weather

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