How to cross lemon

In the crude cold evenings it is pleasant to drink tea with lemon, especially if this lemon is grown up by own hands. This plant perfectly fructifies in house conditions, it can be grown up even on windowsill. And for obtaining the maximum productivity and improvement of quality of fruits the method under the name hybridization or crossing is effective.

It is required to you

  • - plants donors;
  • - Q-tips;
  • - gauze or bandage;
  • - self-adhesive paper.


1. Pick up plants donors. They have to blossom only. For the best result it is desirable that plants were different grade, it is possible to use also other citrus, for example, orange, tangerine. Donors have to blossom only.

2. Strong and healthy plants are suitable for hybridization. Flowers for pollination choose those which only begin to reveal. Do not work with already revealed flowers – the self-pollination moment could already occur and the necessary result will not turn out.

3. Carefully, not to damage lobes, open manually buds on plant which was going to be pollinated. Accurately tear off all stamens on the pollinated flowers. It must be done so that from them pollen was not showered. By means of pieces of gauze or bandage cover each of the castrated flowers that on them undesirable pollen did not get.

4. Leave in such state plant before emergence on the end of pestle of sticky drop. It has to occur within 1-3 days. Exempt flower from gauze protection and by means of stick with soft tip carefully collect a little pollen from donor flower and transfer it to the formed drop on the pollinated flower. On the sheet of self-adhesive paper write the name of flower of the donor and date of pollination. Paste piece of paper with record on branch on which there is the pollinated flower.

5. Wait for maturing of fruits. If maturing happens in the winter, leave it on tree till spring for the best safety of seeds. Having carefully cut lemon, take out from it seeds, take them several days in the dry place (for example, on windowsill). Fruits if desired can be used in food.

6. Plant each seed in separate small pots with the easy soil, and place them in the light place (but not in the sun) at temperature about +20 degrees. Choose the strongest and beautiful saplings from the received seedling and transplant them in separate pots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team