How to cure dragon tree

Dragon trees love light, but do not transfer direct sunshine. Abundant watering and regular spraying of leaves is important for these plants. It is worth replacing dragon trees every two years on spring. If these conditions are met, but with your green pet all the same something not so, it is necessary to try to find the cause of illness.

It is required to you

  • - spray for spraying;
  • - pots for change;
  • - system insecticidal medicines.


1. Leaves of dragon tree become soft and are twisted as a result of too low temperature. If their tips and edges became dry and have darkened, then dry air, insufficient watering or drafts can be the cause. Light dry spots on leaves speak about surplus of direct sunshine (rearrange pot with dragon tree in less lit place). Leaves of motley grades of dragon tree become monophonically green because of lack of light or surplus of fertilizing.

2. At big dryness of air during heating season in cold season and during summer heat the probability of defeat of dragon trees by wreckers increases. Most often there are web pincers. They bite through leaves from bottom side and exhaust from them juice. On leaves there are small whitish dots which grow then in yellowy-brown spots. Also there can be thin white web. Prevention - regular airing of rooms, frequent spraying of dragon tree and periodic thorough survey. It is possible to struggle with small amount of pincers, spraying plants with water. If there is a lot of web pincers, such chemical medicines as "Spark", Promonal and Aktellik will help.

3. Besides, shchitovka, tripsa, mealy scales and nematodes can sometimes threaten dragon tree. Sticky allocations appear from behind shchitovka on dragon tree. These wreckers can be brought together manually, and after to cut off the damaged parts of plant. The showered pollen, silvery gloss of leaves and availability of excrement of wreckers speaks about emergence of trips. With them it is necessary to fight against the help of chemical insecticides then it is necessary to change top layer of the earth in pot. Signs of appearance of mealy scales - sugary allocations (so-called "honey dew") and sooty mushroom. At insignificant defeat the gathering of wreckers or trimming of the struck parts of dragon tree are possible. If there is a lot of parasites, apply system insecticidal medicines. Sheet nematodes confirm defeat at first yellowish, brown and then black spots on leaves over time. As a result leaves of dragon tree become shallow, are deformed and fly; stalks are bent; top kidneys dry up. In these cases it is necessary to use insecticides.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team