How to curve gypsum cardboard

How to curve gypsum cardboard

When carrying out apartment renovation or house to you can be required to give to the sheet of gypsum cardboard the curved form. Works on forming of necessary curvature are carried out by "wet" and "dry" way. Architectural drywall up to 6 mm thick best of all is suitable for the first option. When using the second option, sheets of any thickness bend.

It is required to you

  • "wet" way:
  • - gypsum cardboard (thickness of 6 mm);
  • - roller with metal thorns;
  • - wide brush;
  • - water;
  • - plywood;
  • - bars;
  • - paper adhesive tape.
  • Sukhoi way:
  • - gypsum cardboard (thickness from 6 to 12.5 mm);
  • - sharp knife;
  • - putty;
  • - palette.


1. "Wet" to sposobizgotovta template on which you will carry out bend of gypsum plasterboard. Cut sidewalls of template from sheet material. For these purposes use plywood, wood-shaving plates, pieces of drywall – everything that you will be able to find near at hand.

2. Measure the necessary radius under which drywall has to be curved. Postpone slightly smaller size of bend on improvised material, cut side parts of template. Make spreader constructive parts also of sheet materials. Width of template has to be a little already bent gypsum cardboard. Connect all parts among themselves by means of wooden bars and screws.

3. Postpone the sizes of necessary element on gypsum cardboard and cut it. Spread film or newspapers on floor. Put on them drywall. Bending is based in the "wet" way that the material consisting of cardboard and the plaster middle when soaking is well bent, and when drying keeps the given form.

4. Roll external part of giprochny element the roller. Metal thorns will pierce cardboard, and water will get to plaster.

5. Pour water in bucket. Dipping in it brush or sponge, it is abundant moisten the punctured surface. When water ceases to be absorbed, close drywall film and leave for half an hour that plaster and cardboard have inflated and have softened.

6. Put the prepared plasterboard element on template and accurately bend. Fix the ends of leaf by painting adhesive tape and leave before full drying.

7. Establish curved plasterboard element on metal guides.

8. Sukhoi to sposobizgotovta template on the described management in "wet" way.

9. Put gypsum plasterboard on floor, rear side up. Sharp knife make parallel cuts so that to cut top layer of cardboard and the plaster middle, but not to damage the face cardboard side.

10. Place the prepared drywall on template. Clean from dust of cut and ground them. Dry and putty. Leave leaf on form before full drying of putty.

11. Establish giprochny element on ceiling or on wall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team