How to cut bushes

How to cut bushes

Bushes – the integral element of garden and garden sites. They are subdivided into fruit bushes and decorative. Some inexperienced gardeners consider that the main thing is to put correctly them in rather spacious and fertilized holes, and cutting and forming – business minor. But this wrong opinion. Any bush needs to be cut in due time.


1. The first rule relating to all bushes without exception: completely remove the old, sick and dried-up branches. Then remove "tops", that is vertically located escapes in krone and also the branches spoiling exterior of bush (for example, located obviously unsuccessfully). It is better to do it in the spring until blooming of kidneys. It is desirable to cover cuts with the garden thief. If you were late – cutting can be carried out also at the beginning of summer.

2. Now decide what look you want to give to bush. For example, at blackcurrant or gooseberry it is desirable to leave no more than four powerful branches of 3-4-year age, apart from young growth. At the raspberry which is annually flushing set, all old stalks which have yielded harvest or in the fall after gathering berries or it is necessary to cut in the early spring (completely, at ground level).

3. At ornamental shrubs which gain is formed of branches on krone perimeter (for example such as lilac, the Japanese quince, mespilus, etc.), undercutting has to be minimized. Its main goal: to maintain esthetic exterior of bush. That is be limited to undercutting of some escapes which are obviously supporting the general borders.

4. At such bushes as jasmine (mock orange), the hydrangea large-leaved, almonds three-blade, etc., blossoming occurs on escapes of last year. Therefore right after blossoming you should cut off deflowered branches, to the place of their branching with strongly developed gain (which will blossom the next year).

5. The bushes giving annual root young growth need to be thinned out regularly. Excessive thickening not only worsens their exterior, but also reduces blossoming on strong escapes (as new escapes take away part of moisture and useful substances from the soil). Therefore take for the rule: every year to cut one escape from three. Cutting should be done as low as possible, at the earth. Be not frightened if after such procedure the bush looks rarefied. New escapes will go soon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team