How to cut concrete

There are different types of cutting of concrete: oxygen kopyevaya, hydroabrasive, diamond. Even cutting is developed by the clear water moving under very high pressure. However the main way is nevertheless cutting by diamond wheels. The universality, speed, plain surface of the machine cut, low values of noise and pollution – all these advantages do it almost uncontested. If it is required to cut door opening in concrete wall, the best way, than diamond cutting, not to find.

  • - machine for diamond cutting;
  • - electric drill;
  • - drills with pobeditovy or diamond tip;
  • - tape measure;
  • - level;
  • - metalwork tool.

1. By means of tape measure, level and marker mark the door opening which is subject to cut. Try to make this work more precisely. Diamond cutting provides high flatness and purity of edges of the machine cut. Having made exact marking, you will get rid of need to finish aperture contour further.

2. Note installation sites of anchors for fastening of the machine to wall. When cutting apertures to wall guides with toothed rail on which the carriage with diamond wheel moves usually fasten. Diameters of anchors, their quantity and installation sites depend on characteristic of the used equipment.

3. Drill in noted places of opening, clean them from dust, insert inside anchors and wedge them in the way suitable for anchors of this type.

4. Fix on wall guides with toothed rail. Usually cutting of door opening is begun with its vertical parties, from below up. Mount on guides the mobile carriage with circle, bring water for dust suppression and cooling of diamond wheel and start the machine.

5. Cut through the vertical party, without bringing the machine cut to aperture corners a little. Reinstalling guides, execute the second vertical the machine cut and two horizontal. As a result the aperture which is cut through from four parties with nedorezanny parts in corners has to turn out.

6. Drill on both sides of vertical machine cuts four openings – on two on each machine cut. Establish anchors in openings and attach to them two metal pads forming bridges between the cut-out part and wall. These bridges are necessary in order that the cut aperture has not fallen spontaneously when you dorezat its corners.

7. Using hand tool with diamond chain (similar to the chainsaw for tree), prolong machine cuts in aperture corners up to their connection with each other. Now the cut-out part of wall keeps only thanks to the metal pads established in the previous step.

8. Disconnect metal pads from the cut-out part and push it that it has fallen outside. Observe at this operation of safety precaution not to get under the falling concrete block. As a result of all work in solid concrete wall it was formed equal, with smooth surfaces I will eat, completely ready to installation of door.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team