How to cut currant

How to cut currant

Currant of different types – the inhabitant of the majority of the Russian kitchen gardens. These useful and tasty berries are grown up by each summer resident respecting himself. But that the harvest was good, bushes it is necessary in time and it is correct to cut off. It becomes in the early spring or late fall, in several years after change. At first all interfering with each other branches and also weak, the curves lying on the earth are cut out. Then cutting is carried out depending on type of currant – red, white or black.


1. White and red currant gives berries on the basis of annual branches and on small long-term branches. Therefore it can be not cut as often as black, it all the same will well fructify.

2. Plant white and red currant about 3-5 shtambam. Strongly cut them, and cut off other sprouts to kidney level. Then leave 7-8 strong shtamb which have grown from the earth, and delete the others. Every year cut off side branches on 3-5 kidney.

3. Approximately in 4-5 years begin to remove old shtamba with black bark. They give too small berries and weaken bush. New escapes from the soil will be formed in exchange – leave at most 10.

4. If to bushes it is already a lot of years, begin cutting with removal of those branches which grow very highly or, on the contrary, low, from cutting the escapes which are crossed with other branches. It is necessary to cut off on kidney which is directed bush and outside up. If the cut has diameter more than 8 mm, it should be covered with the garden thief.

5. Blackcurrant grows and develops not as her fellows – white and red. Its shtamba – firmer, and flowers are located also on long escapes age one year, and on kopyeets of old branches. Therefore when cut off bush, end gains do not shorten.

6. Surely you carry out thinning of escapes which grow from the soil. Delete weak side escapes. Blackcurrant not so strongly branches therefore it is possible to leave on bush till 7-10 of shtamb.

7. Cut off 4-6 summer shtamba on low located side escapes or to soil level. So there will be replacement of old escapes by new which are formed every year. After the first year they should be shortened. Leave all shtamba and branches which are capable to formation of escapes and after you reap crop, you transfer to strong low escapes. Also arrive with too high branches. Old branches give berries, but too small, with short clusters.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team