How to cut firewood

How to cut firewood

The modern civilization with its long-distance heating has practically deprived of the city person of opportunity to deal with firewood. Sometimes we are even escaped by difference between the words "cut firewood" and "chop wood". Anyway, and it will be difficult for you to do without axe.

It is required to you

  • Chock, axe, splitting axe


1. For a start nevertheless we will decide on terminology. If you have to dump couple of forest trees on firewood, then you should cut them. If it is about partitioning stump of log (chock) on several logs, then in that case you will begin to chop wood.

2. To split chock, small by the size, into firewood, you need the normal axe. It is more convenient to put churochka on same, but large diameter – it will facilitate work. The executioner's block or pack will be suitable also for these purposes. Scope, blow to the center of chock, and it has already broken up to two halves. Then you split each of them in half again. And so until receive logs of the size necessary for you.

3. The axe can not cope with thicker chock, the splitting axe is required here. Unlike the axe, it is heavier, less sharp angle of working part of edge and the handle of splitting axe has will be longer. Such design of splitting axe gives to blow bigger impulse and more effectively splits wood fibers. If it is short, then the axe nevertheless cuts rather, and the splitting axe – cuts.

4. It is the most convenient to make splitting axe ax handle of ash-tree. The birch or oak are suitable for this purpose to a lesser extent, and the oak in general badly extinguishes return at the time of striking on chock. The ax handle of splitting axe becomes to straight lines, unlike more "figuristy" handle of the axe.

5. Metal part of splitting axe fastens on the end of ax handle by means of wedge which can be made of metal or tree. For durability and reliability of fastening it is necessary to drive wedge into ax handle not parallel to edge and not perpendicular to it, and on diagonal if to look at splitting axe from above.

6. Striking blow to chock, try to get to crack, almost always perceptible and passing about core. On this line it is much simpler to split block.

7. It is noticed that on frost it is much easier to chop wood as the wood fibers deprived of moisture easily are broken off.

8. If at the first blow the edge has got stuck in chock, invert it and with force strike in pack with butt. In most cases it helps, but only during the work as the axe. With splitting axe such focus not always passes.

9. In campaign you should chop wood hardly, here you can safely cut them. Practically it is always possible to find the fallen dried-up trunks of trees, large boughs and branches in the forest. To split all these gifts of the nature into smaller parts suitable for fire, the normal tourist hatchet quite will approach. The basic rule – the tool has to be well ground.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team