How to cut metal

How to cut metal

Thanks to the durability and reliability, metal designs are in the increased demand not only in industrial construction. They find broad application also during arrangement of personal plot. It is difficult even to list everything that it is possible to make of metal. The listed products from iron incorporate not one hundred thousands of names.

It is required to you

  • - angular grinder;
  • - scissors on metal;
  • - plasma device.


1. Prior to production of metal design from pipe, profile, corner or hot-rolled sheet preparations are cut. Then their connection by means of hardware (bolts with nuts, rivets) or welding by means of electrodes among themselves is carried out.

2. For cutting of metals the modern industry releases the wide range of electric equipment and tools.

3. The simplest of them - manual scissors on metal. Their purpose - cutting of sheet of iron up to one millimeter thick. For example, if the piece of profile by means of which fastening on gypsum cardboard wall is carried out is required certain size, there are no options better, than to use scissors for these purposes.

4. Tinmen who in the activity use mainly galvanized iron sheets from it use electroscissors on metal to cutting of preparations. Use of hand tool in this case significantly reduces labor productivity.

5. The device with detachable roller is used to cutting of metal pipes of small diameter (to two inches). The mechanism is fixed directly on it, and roller preparation of the required length separates.

6. The sheet metal plate which thickness does not exceed ten millimeters is cut by the special circles fixed on spindle of the angular grinder. The similar electromechanical tool processes large diameter pipes (from 100 mm and above), metalprofile, steel corner, channel, I-beams and other.

7. Cutting of metal which thickness from 50 mm and more, is carried out by means of plasma devices (acetylene or propane generators).

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