How to cut mirrors

How to cut mirrors

In house conditions it is quite difficult to cut mirrors or glass, however, in the presence of good tools it quite perhaps. The high-quality manual glass-cutter is necessary for cutting of mirror.


1. There are two types of these tools: roller and diamond (how the cutting part of this tool is arranged). At the roller glass-cutter actually cutting part represents small wheel from very solid metallokorundny alloy. At cutting diamond the cutting part is chip of technical diamond in metal frame. Both types of glass-cutters are equipped with handles.

2. Besides the glass-cutter the long metal ruler, flat-nose pliers with rubber gaskets will be necessary for withdrawal pains of mirror and small hammer.

3. It is necessary to prepare mirror for work – to clean from dust and dirt, having wiped with rags, and in case of need, having washed with soda solution. The mirror brought from frost cannot be cut, it will inevitably crack.

4. Further the prepared mirror is stacked on table with plain surface all plane and begin to mark cut edge. Having put wide ruler near cut edge (space from cut edge the 1-2nd for the roller glass-cutter and the 3-4th for diamond), carry out on mirror by the tool, holding it strictly perpendicular to mirror. On it there has to be colourless trace. If all manipulations are made correctly, the mirror has to publish characteristic crash.

5. After performance of cut the mirror is shifted to the table edge so that it hanged down on the 3-5th.

6. Then the cut-off part is broken off, having taken by the edge by hands and having sharply pressed down.

7. Cutting of thick mirror requires hammer, they need to tap slightly that part which will need to be separated from the main cloth. Very thin mirror is broken off after incision by flat-nose pliers with rubber gaskets.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team