How to cut off branches

How to cut off branches

Cutting of tree will improve development of new cages and generally will rejuvenate bush. If regularly to carry out cutting of trees, then the period of fructification will last, and the quantity of harvest considerably will increase.


1. You carry out cutting of branches of tree at the very beginning of spring, the best time since the end of February - to the middle of March. In autumn months the root system of tree still functions, in the summer of branch are in active growth phase, can be winter of "extremity" of the green friend frozen and be damaged. That is why it is important to cut off tree, the sokodvizheniye for the present has not begun, - in the most successful for this purpose time. 

2. If you want to make cutting to truncate length of branches and to give to bush certain form, then cut off branch, having receded on millimeter from kidney. If you cut off branch, having left long part after kidney, then this its end all the same will dry up. There can be rotting process, the microorganisms capable to do harm to all branch will lodge. And if you makes cut at the kidney basis, then only the kidney will dry up. Besides, the cut-off place will begin to live very quickly. Will turn green, most likely, following, as a result the direction of growth of branch can change. 

3. At once cover the place of sawn-off shotgun with the garden thief consisting, for example, of pitch, alcohol and linseed oil. It will prevent penetration of harmful microorganisms into tree and will accelerate healing of wound.

4. If you delete side branches, giving strength the basic, then leave stump the size in half-centimeter. If you cut off branch in that place where it connects to the main, then the main trunk can be damaged. In this wound there will be sink, in consequence capable to turn into hollow. Too it is not necessary to leave too high stump not to create nursery for microbes. 

5. Cutting thick branch hacksaw, at first make bark cut on branch circle. It is necessary in order that during sawing off the branch has not broken and bark was not removed on all its length that can bring to tree big loss. 

6. After saw off wide branch, brush away sawdust from saw cut and also cover it with the garden thief.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team