How to cut off cherry

How to cut off cherry

Cherry – one of the most favourite cultures among gardeners. With it it is a little efforts, and will not refuse to regale on fragrant jam neither small, nor the adult. One of characteristics of this tree is its abundant kustistost. What? Do not you know how it is correct to cut off cherry? Nothing criminal, situation still can be improved.

It is required to you

  • - secateurs;
  • - garden var.


1. Be engaged in forming and cutting of just bought cherry sapling. The more escapes and branches, the better. You have fine opportunity to select the strongest and viable. Well examine your sapling and remove the branches growing from shtamb – from them will not be any to use, but the plant will spend forces for them much. If above shtamb there are escapes weak and unnecessary in your opinion, safely cut off also them too. As a result your cherry has to have 5-6 main branches which will give rise to future strong and strong tree.

2. Carry out the first postlanding cutting of cherry in the early spring. It is necessary to do it until when kidneys bulk up and will start in growth. If you were not in time till this time, postpone cutting and forming until the next spring – the shortened and cut off branches can dry up and considerably weaken all plant. First of all it is necessary to get rid of gains which go in krone and create excessive thickening. You should not limit basic branches in growth; if you see what to escapes is where to develop, leave them on the place.

3. Gradually add to the main 5-6 main escapes of 2-3 additional. When forming krone of cherry it is necessary to consider that old branches can weaken over time, and new have to succeed them. Calculate quantity of additional branches with such accounting that by the end of forming of krone (when growth of tree reaches 2-2.5 m) they were about 10-15. It is necessary to place such branches evenly on trunk that the krone was without tears and zagushcheniye.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team