How to cut off currant

How to cut off currant

Cutting of bushes of currant – business difficult. If to look on plant, apparently, that there are a lot of escapes and stipitates, but, on the other hand, how to understand what needs to be cut and what to leave? And when it is better to do it – in the spring or in the fall? Do not suffer in vain, actually in technology of cutting of currant there is nothing difficult at all. Just read and remember.

It is required to you

  • Secateurs, garden saw, garden var.


1. You carry out cutting of bushes of currant in the early spring before the first kidneys wake up. If to carry out cutting later, the plant will lose a lot of juice and will strongly weaken therefore if you do not get on well at any reasons with early spring cutting, it is better to postpone this action until fall or the next year. From the very beginning it is necessary to cut off the old dry branches and also bound and deformed. If any branches grow very far from bush or lie on the earth, they need also to be removed. All these rules are identical to any kinds of currant: black, red and white.

2. Further the technology of cutting of currant differs. To cut off blackcurrant, learn to distinguish old and young branches. The fact is that the most part of harvest at blackcurrant is formed on 2-3 summer branches therefore those branches which are more senior 4 summer age need to be deleted – the harvest on them will not be any more, and they take away forces from plant. On old branches bark is much more dark, and on thickness they is much bigger. In case the bush was not cut off long ago, do not cut out at once everything that it seems to you is more senior than four years. In this case you carry out cutting step by step, within 2-3 years, gradually deleting unnecessary branches and forming krone.

3. Remove part of young escapes. Annually at currant young escapes therefore if in the first cutting you have removed only the dried most up and patients, in the next spring it is necessary to face new problem grow – what to delete now? You should not panic, everything is simple. It is annually necessary to choose 5-7 young escapes which are stronger and stronger than the others, and ruthlessly to cut off all others. Also cut off upper parts of young escapes approximately on one third. It will give the chance to escapes to branch that will increase harvest. At scrap of red currant you should not delete old branches as they fructify on an equal basis with young people. Just choose 5-6 strongest young escapes and as much is more senior than escapes, and remove all the rest.

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