How to cut off ficuses

How to cut off ficuses

Cutting of plants is really harmful to plants, but this statement is right only for plants with one point of growth. These are palm trees. All other plants have several kidneys on trunk. From any of these kidneys can sprout new branches. The ficus does not belong to palm trees in any way, so, it can be cut off without harm for the plant, but to do it it is necessary correctly.


1. Additional kidneys at ficus either are not developed, or develop slowly as in the upper bud of plant hormone the auxin defining intensity of receipt in fabric of plant of nutrients is formed. The top receives active power supply while other parts of plant grow more slowly. The below-located kidneys begin to develop only after removal of top of plant.

2. In the winter relative tranquility of plant is observed. Vital processes slow down, the poet of scrap will not have desirable effect of redistribution of power supply on the below-located kidneys. And the kidney which remained the highest till spring will manage to develop enough auxin and one will grow, having changed for herself top.

3. Having cut off top in the spring, after the active movement of juice you receive the kidneys which are in equal situation, so, developing equally. In the future they will give set of new branches.

4. Keep in mind that after cutting the surface of krone of ficus will decrease so watering of plant will need to be reduced in proportion.

5. Cutting of krone of ficus will cause lowering of general "decorative effect" of ficus for some time. But it can be replaced in more humane way – prishchipyvaniye of tips of escapes, especially in case the krone of plant is rather created and there is no special need for shanks. The procedure of proshchipyvaniye will provoke the strengthened branching, but will not affect exterior of ficus as noticeably as cutting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team