How to cut off fruit trees

It is known that it is insufficiently simple to plant apple-tree in garden and to quietly wait from it for harvest. Quite perhaps, you will also manage to receive several apples in the similar way, but if your purpose – a little more abundant fructification, it is necessary to care for fruit trees constantly. One of the major elements in forming of healthy productive growth – regular cutting. But how it is correct to cut off?

It is required to you

  • - secateurs or garden saw;
  • - garden var.


1. Cut off just acquired sapling. Many do not know that after landing all saplings of fruit-trees need also to be cut off. Whatever strange it seemed, similar manipulation not only helps plant to take roots better, but also is guarantee of progress of skeletal branches and the subsequent abundant fructification. So, after landing of your two-year sapling truncate all side branches to 30-35 cm. Now the most crucial moment – shortening of the central conductor. Cut off the top of the main escape on 20-25 cm from the topmost point so that nearby with the place of cut there was small branch. This procedure for the function reminds prishchipyvaniye of roots – your sapling will not seek to reach wires, and will begin to form side branches strongly.

2. As required you carry out the revitalizing cutting of fruit trees. In two years after landing cut off everything rival branches to the main branches and also the confused, sick and growing inside kroner. These events need to be held for forming of uniform krone and improvement of supply of leaves with sunlight. Avoid thickening of krone as it weakens harvest and often leads to development of diseases. Also during this period cut off everything the leading branches and trunk on 1/3 or 2/3 if it is necessary.

3. Cutting is necessary not only when forming young tree. Old trees also need this procedure for the purpose of improvement and the general rejuvenation. In annually early spring or delete the old, sick and dried-up branches and also the unpromising, weak and creating excessive kustistost kroner late fall. But with cutting of old trees it is necessary to be very careful as excessive thinning can weaken very strongly plant and instead of beneficial effect to provide strictly opposite.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team