How to cut off geranium

How to cut off geranium

Geranium – popular plant. It is caused it by unpretentiousness, blossoming duration – from early spring to late fall, simplicity of reproduction. Cutting of geranium – cardinal option of forming of krone which is suitable for already adult plants.

It is required to you

  • - sharp knife
  • - alcohol
  • - pounded wood charcoal
  • - sand;
  • - peat.


1. Geraniums begin to grow vigorously with increase in daylight hours. To make bush magnificent, begin to form it during this period. You make cutting of plant only sharp knife processed by alcohol. Hands have to be clean.

2. Shorten or cut off all escapes, leaving at the same time three turning-up escapes. Notice that all escapes have to be directed not to the middle, and in different directions. Otherwise they will interfere with each other.

3. Delete the branches growing in bush as thickening of the central part complicates air exchange and access of light to plant that leads to development of diseases. Leave the branches growing aside from the center.

4. If between couples of leaves long distance, carry out cut directly over leaves. From escapes which are infected with disease cut off those to the healthy site, occupying it on 3-5 cm.

5. Process each cut pounded wood charcoal, solution of diamond greens or fungicide. The shrunk raw cuts will spoil exterior of plant.

6. Consider that cutting of royal geranium differs from cutting of geranium zone. It is the best of all to subject it to such influence for several receptions as strong one-time cutting, being the severe stress, considerably will weaken plant.

7. As a result of cutting it is possible to implant the remained plant shanks. At the beginning of February the shanks which were in time to take roots will be able to take root without serious consequences and will be capable to blossom in May in magnificent color.

8. Choose the semi-lignified escapes having four or five leaflets for rooting. Cut off two lower leaves as on this place roots will be formed. You do not hurry to put shanks. Leave them for couple of hours for seasoning. This reception not only will not damage to shanks, but also will protect them from rotting.

9. Cherenkuyte geranium in mix of sand and peat with small addition of the garden earth. Also as substrate it is possible to use perlite or its mix with peat. Often instead of earth mix in floriculture use hydrogel.

10. Most favorable temperature for rooting of shanks of 20 degrees. Important not pereuvlazhnyat soil.

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