How to cut off phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis. In the people there is other name of this plant ""orchid butterfly"". Call it so because its inflorescences remind moths. It is obvious that as well as all orchids, this flower he is very choosy and demands special care, in particular phalaenopsis needs to be cut.


1. There are 2 types of phalaenopsis: tiny and standard. Standard species of phalaenopsis during blossoming reach meter height, and tiny no more than 30 cm. Different grades and types of this orchids blossom at different times, but are orchids which blossom 3 times a year.

2. Phalaenopsis are unpretentious orchids, they evergreen and constantly grow. At the correct leaving these plants it is very abundant blossom and live up to 7 years. Phalaenopsis require the warm place (22 - 24 degrees) without direct sunshine. In the fall of plant it is necessary to hold at temperature of 16 degrees that flower kidneys were formed.

3. High air humidity of 50 - 50% is necessary for phalaenopsis. But when spraying it is necessary that water got on leaves in the form of dust, but not in the form of drops. It is impossible that water got on inflorescences. It is possible to replace plants 2 times a year in friable, rough orchideous substrate. At change take pot more than former, it is necessary that roots had good air circulation and at change try not to damage roots. Feed up plant fertilizers in the summer, it is possible to bring them 2 times a month.

4. Phalaenopsis make multiple copies ""children"" who appear on plant stalks. When at young escapes backs are formed and will grow to 5 cm, these escapes can be transplanted in separate pot. Flowers at phalaenopsis are located on "trunk" - peduncle which is very beautifully bent. Peduncle at some phalaenopsis accruing. On it there are sleeping kidneys which can develop in peduncle or the child. The peduncle after blossoming needs to be cut off over 2-3 kidney, then the orchid will blossom again, and the period of blossoming will be already longer.

5. For cutting use sharp and clean tool, some flower growers even advise to process edges alcohol. Cutting off, you remember that in flower stalks there can even be "children" in the winter and therefore the stalk should not be cut, even to look in the winter and in the fall it it will be not really beautiful.

6. The lower leaves do not need to be cut off, they will fall independently. The indicator of good health of your flower – availability of 5 leaves, is not required to it more

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team