How to cut off raspberry

How to cut off raspberry

Cutting of raspberry is one of the main stages of care for bush. It is necessary for increase in productivity, strengthening of growth of new escapes, fight against diseases and wreckers, and that too is important, for maintenance of beautiful and your site of a well-groomed type.

1. Three times a year cut off raspberry. The main cutting of raspberry is made at the beginning of September or, what is better, right after it otplodonosit. It is necessary for strengthening of growth of the remaining escapes and development of root system of bush. Old and sick stalks cut off at the basis so that there was no stump left. If in bush too many new escapes were formed, then cut off also the weakest of them, leaving several strong escapes. In the same time prishchipyvat young one-year escapes, deleting weak top that promotes their fastest ripening. Such escapes well transfer winter.

2. Make audit of the wintered bush in the early spring. Cut off frozen, the patients infected, the weak, broken escapes. Carry out final normalization, leaving in bush the strongest escapes (usually about 5-7 on bush). They are cut off to the first well developed kidney, deleting the weak and frozen slightly tops that stimulates growth of fruit branches and improvement of productivity. The escapes which have frozen slightly to the level of snow do not delete, and cut off only the damaged part.

3. At the end of May – the beginning of June carry out one more cutting of raspberry. By this time there is young growth which needs to be removed to leave to the main bush at most of nutrients, moisture and air. The thinned-out and aired raspberry is surprised wreckers less, fructifies better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team