How to cut off raspberry for the winter in the first year

How to cut off raspberry for the winter in the first year

That raspberry it is abundant fructified, was not ill and the bush looked attractively, the plant needs to be cut off annually. How to carry out the procedure, depends on culture grade.

It is required to you

  • - secateurs;
  • - garden var.


1. The way of cutting of branches of raspberry depends on species of plant. If on the soda site you have planted normal raspberry (not remontant grade), then in this case it is worth remembering that in the first year after landing culture increases escapes, and it begins to fructify only for the second year. Cutting of this grade has to happen as follows: on bushes five-seven especially strong escapes are chosen and only their tops on 10-15 cm are cut off. Other escapes are cut off completely on ground level. Cuts are covered with the garden thief.

2. If remontant raspberry grows in garden, then in this case it is worth remembering that such culture blossoms and yields harvest in the first year of landing therefore there is no need to leave escapes for the winter. Branches of this plant should be cut off completely on ground level then to mulch peat, sawdust or leaves. The similar equipment allows to avoid many diseases of raspberry, but it has one essential minus - it is possible to receive harvest only once a year.

3. From remontant raspberry of harvest twice a year cutting should be made for receiving as follows: to select two-three strongest branches and to cut off so that their height was no more than 20-30 cm. To cut off other branches of bush completely, without leaving also centimetric ""stumps"". Thus in the spring the longest branches will expand and will begin to fructify at the beginning of summer, and here I will please completely cut off with harvest only at the end of summer early autumn.

4. In conclusion it should be noted what after cutting of normal raspberry of its branch needs to be processed antifungal medicines then surely or to bend down them to the earth, or to warm by means of ukryvny material. After the done work it will be possible not to be afraid that culture will not endure cold season.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team