How to cut off raspberry in the fall that there was good harvest

How to cut off raspberry in the fall that there was good harvest

All beginning gardeners who have planted at themselves on the site raspberry are interested sooner or later in question of cutting of plant namely when and as it is better to carry out the procedure whether it is possible to do without it whether it affects productivity, etc. At once there is a wish to note that it is possible to do without removal of branches, but then you should not count on good fructification and life expectancy of culture will leave much to be desired.

It is required to you

  • - garden scissors;
  • - fertilizer;
  • - ukryvny material.


1. It is necessary to start cutting of raspberry right after the end of its fructification. The optimum period - since the beginning until the end of September. Choose dry day, arm with garden scissors and start cutting of raspberry.

2. First of all cut off old otplodonosivshy branches (they have brown color, it is bad to bend). It is necessary to remove them all to uniform, only in this case very young bushes the next year will yield good harvest. As for the cutting, it is necessary to cut off branches on ground level, that is not to leave ""penechok"".

3. Further look narrowly at other branches. If you see sick and damaged, then also remove them. Burn the branches affected with diseases and wreckers after removal, thus you will save many cultures in garden from diseases.

4. On everyone to bush of raspberry select 6-8 well developed young branches, cut off the others. It is unnecessary to leave all young growth, underdeveloped branches will not be able to yield harvest the next year, and to deprive here fructifying power supply - easily.

5. Cut off tops at the left branches (about 10-15 cm). After the done work you can not doubt that in the spring all sleeping kidneys of raspberry will waken, culture will yield excellent harvest with excellent tastes.

6. And that raspberry during the winter has not frozen, feed up plant organic fertilizers that it has gathered forces for wintering. If in your region quite hard winters, then do not neglect the shelter of culture special ukryvny materials.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team