How to cut off yucca

How to cut off yucca

Yucca elephant - the only plant from this sort which is found in our apartments. It is undemanding in leaving and is very decorative – straight lines leaves, rigid, similar to swords, please look with the fresh greens. There were lately yucca forms with the leaves decorated at the edges of yellow or white strip. However with age the trunk of plant becomes bare, leaves droop and look carelessly. Time to cut off plant and to give it even more interesting look has come.

It is required to you

  • - ground cinnamon;
  • - sharp knife.


1. Before starting trimming of yucca, consider that growth of trunk will end. It forever will remain such thickness and height what it is at the time of cutting. Think whether you hurry. It is the best of all to make cutting of trunk when it reaches thickness of 5 cm and more.

2. It is the best of all for scrap to make before active growth. For yucca this period begins with the advent of the spring sun, that is at the end of February - the beginning of March. The yucca comes sort from South America and has got used to large amount of light. Provide this condition if you want to receive the beautiful well developed plant.

3. Take sharp knife and process it alcohol. The knife has to be strong, you should cut dense lignified fabrics. Very well the knife with the jagged edge will be suitable for this procedure.

4. Choose point on which you will make trimming. It has to be rather highly from the surface of soil. It does not matter if below this point there are separate leaves. After trimming they in itself will dry out and will disappear.

5. Collect leaves in bunch and take them together with trunk non-working hand. The second hand accurately cut trunk at the chosen height. The main condition – do not try to break off partially cut off trunk. So you damage growth points which are on trunk. Hold top until it is not completely separated. Do not use force, just accurately cut trunk with the sawing movements.

6. After the top is separated, strew the place of cut with ground cinnamon without sugar. It will disinfect wound and will not allow to get into plant fabrics to fungal diseases. If there is no cinnamon, it is possible to replace it with couple of crushed tablets of activated carbon. But the cut powdered with coal looks not really esthetically therefore nevertheless try to find cinnamon. It constantly is on sale in confectionery departments of supermarkets.

7. Now you need only to put the cut-off plant to the light place and to water. Consider that moisture evaporation was reduced because of decrease in green material too. Try not to fill in plant. Watering one-two times a week suffices.

8. In two-three weeks the sleeping kidneys near cut will wake up. Them can be a little. Each of these kidneys will develop in separate trunk. Further the plant will increase already thickness of new escapes. If more than three kidneys wake up, it is better to remove superfluous. It will be heavy to plant to develop large number of escapes. There are enough three pieces. If the trunk before cutting had thickness more than 5 cm in the diameter, it is possible to leave four escapes.

9. The top which has remained after trimming it is possible to place to the cut-off yucca, and it is possible to land in separate pot. Leave the cut-off piece to be slightly dried within two-three days. Then land in slightly damp substrate and water moderately. After a while the top will take roots, and you will have new plant. The main requirement – you watch temperature. To take roots, the yucca needs soil temperature not lower than 20 degrees.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team