How to cut opening for pipe

How to cut opening for pipe

At production of welded or wood building constructions sometimes it is required to make opening in sheet metal plate or wood. It can be required, for example, for mounting of metal pipe. There are several ways by means of which it is possible to solve such technical problem.

It is required to you

  • - grinder ("Bulgarian");
  • - compasses;
  • - chisel;
  • - drill;
  • - drill;
  • - file.


1. If you are not interested in high accuracy at production of opening, use the grinder ("Bulgarian") in work. On the sheet of metal through which there will have to pass the pipe draw circle of the required diameter by means of compasses. Note not less than eight points equidistanted from each other on circle. At you the polygon has to turn out.

2. Now by means of "Bulgarian" accurately cut through metal on the lines connecting polygon tops. As a result you receive opening of irregular shape. If necessary give it the required roundish profile by means of file.

3. To cut opening in wooden blank or veneer sheet, in the beginning also draw circle on preparation. Then the drill inserted into electric drill make small opening on circle. Insert fret saw cloth into opening, fix it. Now cut round opening, accurately working with the fret saw on the line drawn by compasses.

4. For cutting in metal of round openings with a diameter up to 100 mm manufacture small and simple adaptation. It consists of screw clamp with eared nut, the holder, bar and chisel. Make chisel of file of square section or tool fabric. The cutting part of chisel grind at an angle 60 degrees and temper.

5. Plan the center of opening, outline compasses its circle. In the center make drill opening, insert the screw into it (it will serve as adaptation axis). In the holder attached to bar establish chisel. Such adaptation is peculiar compound compasses with chisel instead of leg which have opportunity to rotate around axis.

6. Put the tool (chisel) the cutting part to the line of circular marking. Now strike to chisel heavy and short blows with the hammer. Rearrange chisel, taping it on all length of circle. Process edges of the cut-down opening half-round file.

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