How to cut plinth

How to cut plinth

For someone independent repair in the apartment is manifestation of economy and independence of nature of the person, and someone considers its also very fascinating occupation. Anyway to live in the apartment repaired by own hands, pleasantly, and it is even more pleasant to show result of the work to friends and guests. So for independent cutting of ceiling plinth it is not necessary to be the master of repair.


1. Flexible and rather strong ceiling plinth are carried out on the basis of polymers and are applied both in apartments, and in many public buildings. Modern ceiling plinth are easy in installation. At first it is necessary to level walls and ceiling thoroughly. It is not difficult. The most difficult part of work with polymeric ceiling plinths is their cutting.

2. For this purpose you will need the special adaptation called the miter box and intended especially for cutting of plinths. The miter box looks as box with cuts, and each of their couples on opposite sides of box corresponds to the corner. Angular parts of plinth usually cut at an angle 45 lakes. The polyurethane or foam plinth is inserted into cuts of the miter box and the fine edge of knife cuts off corner or the direct site. The hacksaw with small teeth or stationery knife will be suitable for cutting. Before cutting of ceiling plinth well press it that at you the torn edge has not turned out. After cutting process edges of plinth fine-grained abrasive paper.

3. By the way, the main mistake is miscalculation of lengths. We explain: having cut off plinth piece necessary longwise, the beginner cuts off corner then there is inconvenient situation with discrepancy of lengths. That is, the cut-off site of plinth leaves smaller longwise, than it is necessary.

4. That to avoid it, remember: at first the corner is always cut off. And then it is possible to cut off necessary length. It, it seems, and trifle, but if material is bought strictly so much how many it is necessary, it can come to an end ahead of time. Then it is necessary to go to shop and to buy in addition still. And it will be expressed not only in excess expenses, how many downtime and the spoiled mood. That you could experience only positive emotions during repair, think over actions on several steps forward, listen to professional advice. Then at you precisely everything will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team