How to cut porcelain tile

How to cut porcelain tile

When veneering surfaces the need to cut tiles to the necessary size arises porcelain tile quite often. In the course of cutting of the material which is characterized by high strength the good fixing is important.

It is required to you

  • - marker;
  • - plitkorez;
  • - roller glass-cutter;
  • - flat-nose pliers.


1. Measure part of tile which needs to be cut off. Plan shear line marker on face side of porcelain tile. Establish plitkorez on plain surface, place in it tile face up.

2. Densely press porcelain tile to ruler emphasis which it is completed plitkorez. Cutting of tile is made towards ruler – in the direction from itself. Break off tile on the end of cut easy pressing on one of half.

3. To cut porcelain tile on two strips of different width, one of which does not exceed three centimeters, plan shear line. Then make cut on the boundary line by means of the roller glass-cutter. To break off strip, use flat-nose pliers.

4. You can cut porcelain tile the Bulgarian if the plitkorez is unavailable. Cutting of tile is carried out in the direction from itself, and porcelain tile in this case is processed from the inside, that is face side down.

5. As the tool for cutting of floor tile use kafelerez – the analog of the roller glass-cutter installed on the bed. Advantage of this equipment that it cuts and breaks tiles at the same time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team