How to cut raspberry

How to cut raspberry

Most of gardeners grows up at itself on sites raspberry. It is the semi-bush with long-term underground part consisting of rhizome and additional roots. Elevated part is provided by young one-year escapes and the two-year fructifying stalks. Behind raspberry the special care consisting in cutting and shortening of escapes is necessary. If not to make these operations, then in several years the plantation can turn into dead wood, and the productivity of bushes will sharply decrease.

It is required to you

  • secateurs or delimber, dense working gloves.


1. At the end of summer (after harvesting) cut off otplodonosivshy escapes of raspberry sharp secateurs, whenever possible without leaving stumps. Burn these stalks, in order to avoid spread of diseases and wreckers. Having cleaned thus plantation, you will create more favorable conditions (best illumination) for growth of young escapes.

2. In the early spring as soon as kidneys on stalks of raspberry start in growth, cut off secateurs of top of the frozen slightly escapes to healthy strong kidney. Even if all upper kidneys live, top of escape it is necessary to cut since these kidneys are poorly developed and will yield defective harvest.

3. In the summer look through and normalize number of young escapes on bush. Remove everything the weak, crooked, broken and sick offsprings. Leave young escapes on bush no more than 10 pieces. If the plantation old and raspberry is excessively thickened, better leave young stalks even less (3-4 pieces).

4. If the pobegoobrazovatelny ability of bushes of raspberry is low and plants have enough light, then at the beginning of July not fructifying stalks can be prishchipnut. For this purpose secateurs cut off escape top when it reaches in height of 1.2 m. It will cause awakening of kidneys and by September on stalk additional 4-6 gains will grow.

5. Undercutting of remontant grades of raspberry can be carried out in a different way. At such bushes one-year cycle of growth and fructification therefore cut all stalks which have grown during the summer in the fall. Leave several strongest escapes on bush in the spring. They during the summer will enough develop and will yield in the fall good harvest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team