How to cut the lock

How to cut the lock

Insert of the lock not the most difficult part of work on installation of door, but can execute it to the one who has at least the minimum skills of work with tree and the joiner's tool.

It is required to you

  • Electric drill, pen drills on tree, tape measure, painting knife, chisel, the hammer, the screw driver or the screw-driver.


1. The lock can be put at the height of 900 mm from bottom edge of door. Apply the lock edge part to door side at the specified height and outline lock contour.

2. Carry out by edge of painting knife on the put contour to cut off top layer of wooden surface. Depending on quality of door cloth it can be film, interline interval or tree.

3. By means of electric drill and pen drill of the necessary size drill the opening sufficient for lock insert in door cloth. The lock has to enter inside easily, without efforts – differently the body clamped in wood will not allow the mechanism to move freely.

4. Chisel deepen seat so that the inserted lock has appeared aflush with surface of door cloth.

5. Make marking for openings of the handle and larva of the lock, and then drill openings of the necessary size. Openings should not exceed the size of the decorative elements of the lock closing opening of the handle and larva of the lock.

6. Insert the lock and fix it by self-tapping screws in door cloth. Establish lock larva, the handle and decorative elements. Check operation of the lock, and then put on door case reciprocal part of the lock in the form of metal pad.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team