How to cut the wood

How to cut the wood

Since ancient times there were certain rules of deforestation by which all strictly were guided, the wood concerning use. It, first of all time when it is the best of all to cut tree. It is possible for this reason wooden products of ancient masters who strictly followed rules of preparation of initial materials are so appreciated.


1. Arm with the modern machine allowing to bring down trees quickly and it is safe. These are the feller-bunching machines called in the people forest combines. Such forest combine, bears a faint resemblance to the excavator which instead of ladle has powerful capture by means of which the tree is fixed. In the bottom of the combine the high-speed saw is located. Transfer the cut tree clamped in capture hand of the combine and lay in the trailer of the car transporting the cut trees. For transportation of the cut trees pave forest ways.

2. Transport the cut trees on special timber yards where make primary treatment. There will remove branches and boughs, will remove bark and will execute sawing up. On timber yards powerful mechanisms which facilitate processing of trees are installed. Usually on timber yards delimbing machines and automatic saws, and also special machines called debarking by means of which from trunk bark is removed are installed. Here previously prepared logs are sawn off on identical length. On some timber yards make sawing up of logs on boards and cross ties, and also separate wood of more valuable breeds.

3. After that transport previously prepared logs on woodworking plants. This process is carried out by fusing of logs on the rivers in the form of rafts or by means of machines lumber trucks.

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