How to cut vent

How to cut vent

Slits are longitudinal ledges on shaft which enter grooves in the naves and sleeves got on wave of parts. Such joint is called splined. Cutting of slits is applied as well in normal repair. For example, for repair of furniture on nail saw through slits, cut thread and fix piece of furniture by means of bolt and nut. For cutting of slits most often use the special equipment, for example the milling machine.

It is required to you

  • - preparation;
  • - milling machine;
  • - krupnoshlifovalny machine.


1. Establish preparation in the center of back block and dividing head. Mill slits of shafts with a diameter up to 100 mm for one pass. If diameter is more, carry out milling for two passes.

2. If more exact milling of slits is necessary, use running in method which is carried out by means of slit worm mill. It, except rotational motions, also moves along shaft axle on which slits are cut. Such way is the most productive.

3. After milling of vent it is necessary to grind. To center castellated shafts on outside diameter, grind outer surface by means of the krupnoshlifovalny machine. If the splined shaft has undergone heat treatment, grind it on inside diameter, that is on surfaces of sides and hollows of slits.

4. To unite two operations of grinding, use the machine on which grinding is made at once by three circles, one of which grinds hollows, and two others – surfaces of slits.

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