How to decorate 6 hundred parts

How to decorate 6 hundred parts

In the winter evenings think of decoration of your seasonal dacha - draw location plan on the sheet of paper, mark your constructions, trees and already put beds. Trace paths and beds, remember materials which already lie at you on mezzanines or in the country shed. Add that needs priority purchase. With arrival of spring you will be absolutely ready to transformation of your hundred parts and will be able to feel the landscape designer.

It is required to you

  • - plastic small fence for beds;
  • - pegs and rods;
  • - bricks;
  • - stones;
  • - different old footwear;
  • - paint in barrels;
  • - acrylic paints;
  • - brushes;
  • - umbrella;
  • - old dolls;
  • - garden figures;
  • - plastic grids for flowers;
  • - wooden billets of wood;
  • - saw.


1. Break flower beds of the different size on all site. For the old landings buy decorative low plastic small fences or make self-made wattle fence. Drive columns and bind them among themselves long flexible rods. Edges club can also be laid out stones or brick.

2. Plant flowers in original pallets. Find old raznoshenny boots or rubber boots at the dacha. At high boots truncate tops. Paint footwear with paint from barrel. Make holes in sole that surplus of moisture came to light. Place inside earth lump with the blossoming plant. Place such tiny beds on all site.

3. Make bed of old umbrella. Open it, make several punctures the heated nail in nylon. Then thrust to the earth so that in bowl of umbrella it was possible to fill the earth. Plant flowers.

4. Place purchased ceramic figures or old plastic dolls on the seasonal dacha. It is possible to make small composition on the center of bed of them or under branches of apple-tree or plum.

5. Paint with bright colors metal or plastic barrels for water. Use acrylic paints. They quickly dry and do not fade in the sun. Draw amusing animated mugs on barrels. Spot pictures in children's books, the Internet or in the TV.

6. Pave paths on all garden. For this purpose both purchased tiles will be suitable for garden, and self-made. Saw wooden billets of wood on plates, cover them with the impregnation protecting tree from rotting. Spread out the improvised tiles on paths. Paths can be paved with gravel, beaten brick, stones.

7. Make corner for rest. Put plastic or metal grids on which place ampelous or climbers from three parties. They will create necessary cozy shadow. Inside it is possible to put big wicker chair from rattan or small plastic table with couple of chairs.

8. Make wood or stone deck on which it is possible to establish garden furniture near the house to have tea or to have dinner and supper in the fresh air.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team