How to decorate chest

How to decorate chest

The old chest can become key part of any interior if to clean it and to decorate. Many workshops undertake such work, but it is possible to make this work and the hands.


1. Clean old chest. If old painting on it is not of art or historical value, process surface of this subject abrasive paper, pay special attention to corners and edges of chest.

2. Cover all surface of chest with the main tone of paint. For this purpose you can use brush, the roller or sponge. Depending on way of putting paint, the chest will look differently. Leave before full drying, follow the instruction on paint package. If you want to stylize it under the ancient, lain not one year on the attic, box, remove coat of paint abrasive paper on vertical edges.

3. Think up the drawing which was would like to be represented on cover and front part of chest. You can choose the motive suitable to other interior, or use the ornaments characteristic, for example, of Varangians. At first outline the drawing on leaf to paper, and then transfer it to chest surface.

4. Paint the drawing. Use for this purpose acrylic paints on tree, their main advantage that they exactly lay down, do not spread, do not soil hands and clothes. Depending on what sort you want to represent the drawing, technology of causing color will be various. For example, it is possible to use thin brushes (2, 3 number) for creation of landscape or scene. And to draw ornament on all body of chest it is better to use cliche and sponge. Leave before full drying of paint.

5. Cover all product with special varnish for processing of tree. If necessary put the second layer.

6. Get in shop of furniture accessories for chest. Fasten by means of screws side handles, the handle on cover of chest and loop for the lock. Also you can attach decorative metal forging on cover and side frequent products. Make sure that metal parts have no agnails.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team