How to decorate country house

How to decorate country house

Small country house - the great field for realization of your creative ideas. For registration of smart country cottages invite experts, and here you can decorate the accurate small hut.

The country house can be painted any bright color. Pick up that shade which best of all reflects mood and stylistics of all site and ornamental plants in it. It is desirable that window frames were snow-white, this color perfectly is in harmony with all other shades.

It will be very interesting to look game on contrast, try to pick up tone which beautifully will be combined with each other. Think over several options. It is possible to choose colors from one palette of shades, such combination will beautifully look and never looks tasteless.

Try to draw some beautiful flower patterns or ethnic ornaments on giving walls. It is possible to decorate lodge with images of various animals, use for this purpose cliches. Such giving will look very originally and unusually and to be pleasing to the eye of passersby. Make imitation of wooden logs or masonry on walls. Very beautifully mixed boxes with flowers look. Hang up wooden cachepot under each window, you can also paint or just varnish it. Fill in capacity on 1/3 perlite or haydite, fill the remained space with the earth. Put in boxes any ingates on your taste (balsam, begonia, brakhiky, verbena, carnation, hand bell, lobelia, geranium, petunia etc.). Pay attention to lianas. Attach to wall or roof of giving lane on which and it is necessary to start up the curling rods. These plants will beautifully braid the house that will create the unique atmosphere of cosiness. The choice of lianas is very big therefore you will be able to find that grade which approaches style of the site more. Decorate entrance to the house. Make footpath of paving slabs, it is possible to fence it with low small fence. On each side from entrance put two high pots with plants. Quite good ornament is sun blind, especially beautifully they will look if you paint them. Do not forget about entrance group. The accurate porch in itself is ornament. If the sizes allow, put on it wooden bench. Surely make elegant handrail. That giving looked harmoniously, all wooden objects have to be identical shade.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team