How to decorate flowerpots

How to decorate flowerpots

Flowerpots which are located on windowsill or suspended shelves draw attention not only the contents, but also exterior. Even the simplest plastic or ceramic pots can be decorated so that they will be original spots in your interior.

It is required to you

  • Dressing of pots burlap or color brown paper.
  • - burlap or the rustling brown paper
  • - centimetric tape
  • - scissors
  • Binding of pots decorative cord or tape
  • - decorative cord or tape
  • - superglue
  • - scissors
  • Drawing on pot acrylic paints
  • - acrylic paints
  • - brushes
  • - picture
  • Decoration of pot parts from the salty test
  • - salty dough
  • - acrylic paints
  • - superglue


1. Dressing of pots burlap or color brown paper. Both friable burlap, and dense will be suitable for this way. From friable burlap pull out long threads that they could be tied around pot. From dense burlap or from the rustling brown paper cut off narrow ribbon. You can use any other beautiful ribbons both silk, and paper.

2. Measure pot height. Increase it by two. Estimate pot basis size. Consider saucer or pallet which will be in burlap or paper. Put basis size with double height, receive the party of square. Cut out square from material. Put in its center pot with flower. Lift edges of square and tie up them ribbon at pot top. Evenly straighten assembly.

3. Binding of pots decorative cord or tape. Paste the end of cord in the bottom of pot. Wind cord on pot. Evenly and densely stack row behind row. Periodically drip glue that the cord adjoined to pot surface. Thus roll up all pot or only to the middle. Then ornament the remained place paints or paste mosaic. In the same way roll up pot tape. If tape wide, then it is possible to decorate only top of pot or its middle.

4. Drawing on pot acrylic paints. Find the picture which you want to transfer to the pot. Depending on your art opportunities the picture can be both simple, and difficult. Draw it with acrylic paints on pot surface. Acrylic paints well lay down both on plastic, and on ceramics.

5. Decoration of pot parts from the salty test. Make various small figures of the salty test. Bake them in oven and paint with paints. By means of glue strengthen them on pot surface. Only plastic pots will be suitable for such decor. Clay pots pass moisture through walls, dough can collapse.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team