How to decorate garden with flowers

How to decorate garden with flowers

The beautiful and well-kept garden will be pleasing to the eye of any gardener. Planting flowers, you should not be limited only to annual or perennial plants, it is worth paying attention to their combination. It is possible to add garden and vegetable plants, having created for example flower bed from different types of onions.

It is required to you

  • Personal plot, shovel, fertilizer, marigold, geranium, tsinniya, rhododendrons, fir-tree, castor-bean tree, barberry and so forth.


1. The bean plants planted along walking path and castor-bean tree, will give it great view. To create dark shade among all greens, plant barberry - its chestnut and red colors will become in the prevailing flowers in flower bed.

2. Surely pay attention to asters. These flowers will please you with the blossoming up to approach of the first cold weather. And thanks to the fact that the big species diversity of asters has now appeared it is possible to choose that you have more to liking. Inflorescences of some grades remind roses, others – chrysanthemums, and the third are similar to peony.

3. For dressing of walls of the wooden or plastered house which is on the site it is possible to use sweet pea, camomiles, purple ekhinatseyu, nasturtiums and so forth. The walls covered with climbers will look also perfectly: kaprifolyyu, maiden grapes, Chinese magnolia vine, aktinidiya and another similar it plants.

4. If in garden there is a lot of shadow, then correctly picked up plants will help you to make such sites more expressive. In shadow hosts, ferns, rhododendrons, akvilegiya, ayug, kampanula, asters and so forth perennial plants perfectly feel. Those trees which find the most part of time in shadow can be surrounded with dwarfish evergreen bushes with the superficial system of roots that will allow to look after them easily. Will be suitable for this purpose: tiarella, geykher, kopytnya and so forth. From flowers on such site the Japanese and Siberian irises, phloxes and lobelias will remarkably look.

5. If on the site there is reservoir, and the place around it marshy, then it is possible to decorate it with hygrophilous plants. Coneflowers or bright white roses-rugozy blossoming all summer will approach.

6. It is possible to plant flowers only of one color gamma, having created in the garden the island for tsvetoterapiya. So it is considered that the feeling of rest and joy gives garden from white colors, red color fills organism with warmth of fiery energy, blue flowers will bring freshness and cool, and the yellow garden will fill with optimism, feeling of quiet joy.

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