How to decorate glass on doors

How to decorate glass on doors

It is possible to decorate glasses on doors in the most various ways, but the stained-glass window will look most solidly. Such ornament will give to room interior brightness and uniqueness. Stained glasses can be made independently if to follow all rules.

It is required to you

  • - white glue (PVA emulsion);
  • - stained glass paints or aniline dyes;
  • - aluminum wire 1.6-mm thick.


1. Think over what pattern you want to create. The stained-glass window will decorate the house long time therefore the drawing has to be neutral not irritating. When you find suitable ornament, try to draw it on scaled paper or Whatman paper full-scale.

2. Plan location of each piece of stained-glass window. Take out glass from door and carefully wash out it. Degrease acetone. Fix paper with the sketch on glass adhesive tape or just moisten it and stick. Try to put glass strictly horizontally. For best accuracy use level.

3. Bend wire, having it on drawing contour from your sketch. Very accurately, but it is dense, smear with PVA emulsion that part of aluminum wire which will fasten on glass. Apply on it this contour.

4. That the wire was better and quicker pasted, put from above on glass plate from metal or plywood together with some cargo. The contour has to be pasted completely approximately in hour or one and a half. Stained glass paints will be necessary for you for work. If they are absent, dye can be created.

5. Prepare the distilled water and dissolve in it aniline dyes. Filter the received mix. In solution there should not be solid substances or lumps. Filter mix until it does not become tying as cream. Will work with solution of other density very difficult.

6. Check the received shade, apply mix on the small site of glass. When solution dries, you will see the true color. Add a little solution of dye to too pale paint, too bright dilute with emulsion. For bigger originality and reliability of the drawing create paint of several shades.

7. Apply with clean brush solution on the necessary site of glass. The more you will apply paints, the more intensively there will be color. Do not touch the formed layer, you will spoil it. When the stained-glass window is ready, process other party of glass.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team