How to decorate heating pipe

How to decorate heating pipe

Before European-quality repair it is necessary to decide how there will be subsoil pipes and radiators of heating. Closing heating pipes, do technology removable hatches in those places where there are adjusting valves of supply of hot water. Also do not forget to leave rather wide apertures at radiators for inflow cold and outflow of heated air. The laminated chipboards can quite just close heating pipes.

It is required to you

  • - wooden bar with a section 30 at 30 mm;
  • - electrofret saw;
  • - screw-driver and screws;
  • - perforator with pobeditovy drill with a diameter of 6 mm;
  • - measuring tape measure;
  • - dowels "fast mounting" 6×60;
  • - the laminated chipboard 16 mm thick;
  • - drill;
  • - drills on tree with a diameter of 4 mm and 6 mm;
  • - decorative plastic corners of 25×25 mm;
  • - copper tacks of 2×20 mm;
  • - hammer.


1. Measure distance from floor to the upper edge of radiator of heating and also distance from the outer edge of radiator of heating to wall from heating pipes. Learn the maximum depth on which the radiator and heating pipes recede from wall. By this size collect rectangular-shaped frame from wooden bar. Top and the inner edges of frame should not reach the window plane on 60 mm in the plane of windowsill and 16 mm in the plane of side slope. Collect corners of frame "end-to-end", if necessary strengthen inserts from the same bar. Under all screws drill openings drill with a diameter of 4 mm.

2. In bar from wall drill openings drill with a diameter of 6 mm, having receded 50 mm from edge of frame. In the middle of frame of opening you drill at distance 400 mm from each other. Put frame to wall. Through 6 mm of opening in frame mark location of openings in wall under dowel "fast mounting". Set aside frame. The perforator with drill with a diameter of 6 mm on marking on wall punch openings under dowel "fast mounting.

3. Put frame and fix to wall by dowels "fast mounting". Define location of technology hatches opposite to valves of adjustment of supply of hot water and air discharge. Collect from bar and establish framework under removable hatches in these parts.

4. Recede 50 mm on height from above and from below framework opposite to radiator and fasten in these parts two horizontal bars. These gaps will be used for inflow of cold air (from below) and outflow of hot air (from above).

5. Cut with the electrofret saw the laminated chipboard on pieces of the necessary size. Fasten chipboard screws at distance of 10 mm from its edge. On connection corners copper tacks beat decorative plastic corners. Upholster with the same corners edges of apertures under technology hatches.

6. Cut chipboard for technology hatches. Make the chipboard size less from the size of technology hatches on 5 mm (measure the size from the established decorative corners). Upholster the turned-out pieces with decorative plastic corners. Insert them into place. If necessary hang up on the decorative or hidden small-sized loops.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team