How to decorate kitchen

How to decorate kitchen

Bright and unique furniture of kitchen since morning will create to you good mood, and to give cosiness and house rest in the evening. The main thing is to pick up correctly accessories and to place accents, considering not only own esthetic addictions, but also functional requirements to the room where food is cooked.

It is required to you

  • Pieces of wall-paper with the beautiful drawing, panel from dried flowers, original hours, photos within, piece of tempered glass or organic glass, curtain, blinds, paints for ceramics, brush, transfer paper, pencil, beautiful bottles, color haricot, peas, pasta.


1. To create accent wall. To issue wall in lunch zone wall-paper with the beautiful drawing. Such option is successful if other walls in kitchen are pasted over with monophonic wall-paper or are painted with the paint which is combined on color with the decorated wall. Other way to change wall is to hang on it original clock or panel. It is possible to place on wall several photos with the large image of fruit or plants.

2. To create effective apron over working surface. If the wall over work area is not covered with tile, then the apron can be made of piece of beautiful wall-paper which needs to be pasted on wall. The piece of tempered glass or organic glass attached over wall-paper will protect wall from splashes. If the apron is laid out by monophonic tile, then it is possible to recover it by means of paint on ceramics. Degrease surface of the chosen tile. Transfer the pleasant simple picture to tile by means of transfer paper and pencil. Paint the drawing with paint for ceramics.

3. To pick up interesting kitchen curtains. Curtains for kitchen have to be not only beautiful, but also practical. If your kitchen looks south, very solar and light, then hang up on window fabric of cool coloring or blinds that it was convenient to prepare in kitchen in hot weather. If the kitchen window comes to the North, and the sun seldom gets to the room, then buy fabric of bright color to create the warm atmosphere.

4. To arrange on windowsill window plants in the decorated ceramic pots. Pots can be painted with paint on ceramics, to envelop thick rope or burlap, depending on the general interior.

5. To decorate kitchen with decorative objects. In figured glass bottle to fill up with layers dry yellow peas, multi-colored haricot, small pasta. To cork bottle and to put on the open shelf. On hooks in work area to hang up bright tacks and towels.

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