How to decorate lawn

How to decorate lawn

The dream of each owner of country house is to have beautiful, well-groomed lawn. Exactly tonsured grass, original frame from natural materials and stone, flower composition create the atmosphere of tranquility, cosiness and freshness.

In the country of flowers

Creation of the small world within one site – task difficult. There are several interesting options on registration of lawns. It is possible to plant ornamental shrubs or trees on edge. Near them it is necessary to plant annual flowers with the contrasting coloring. It can be violet or blue flowers with silvery willow or the sucker.

One more popular option: basket on branch. If in the territory of lawn there are trees of the small sizes, then on them baskets with lively colors are hanged out. And under trees it is possible to plant the same annual plants.

The picturesque composition of "erik in circle" can be created on the place of the flat platform which is laid out from stone or tile in the middle of lawn. Inside the earth is filled up and is arranged erikariya from Eric and veresk. Option there is a lot of: - composition sun dial; - composition with geranium, fuchsia and azalea; - composition mini-rock garden.

How to make the drawing of herbs

To make the exact drawing of long-term herbs, it is necessary to execute the sketch on paper in the beginning. After that, having accurately spread out it on lawn, by means of pegs to record the sketch. Beautiful exact lines can be received by means of tin strips. In those places where decorative herbs and trees will be planted soil is seized. The flower ornament is created on grass which has to get a haircut easily. Snow Aureum and ozhika perfectly are suitable for creation of background for flower composition. The green lawn is originally combined with flower borders or figured beds. The emptiness of lawn can be filled with paths from natural or artificial materials. For example, composition from big and small stones. Also the lawn can be decorated with green hedge which will protect all territory from the atmospheric phenomena. Recently the special popularity was gained by statues. It can be the gnomes, animals surrounded in flowers. Also perfectly the flower bed butterfly, flower bed guitar and others look on bright green lawn. The artificial reservoir can become remarkable decoration of lawn. In the hot summer even from reservoir, small by the sizes, will blow as pleasant cool, and murmur of water will well influence the general situation. The reservoir can be arranged in the form of pond, fountain, falls or stream. Nothing so decorates lawn as the Alpine hill. In separately established place the small hill on which natural elements are placed is constructed: stones, dwarfish trees, flowers. Decoration of lawn - process creative, demanding experience, knowledge and desire to merge with the nature.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team