How to decorate old doors

How to decorate old doors

Now it is simple to find and put in the apartment new doors instead of old – such goods are in any shop of building materials and mass of carpenter's workshops. And still many people try not to replace them, and to update, with pleasure participating in creative process on creation of creative thing. If such thought has visited also you, dream and try, perhaps, you will open for yourself the new interesting world.


1. To change exterior of your door, you should master some skills of work with tree, plates, glass, etc., depending on what your door has been made of. But at first think in what style you want to issue it, it has to be in harmony with room interior.

2. If it is about outer door, then from outer end it can be painted, varnished, sheathed laminate, plastic, to upholster with imitation leather, dermantiny or thin wooden rails. From rails of various length it is possible to lay out beautiful pattern which will unusually look against the background of others, more boring, doors in your stairwell. But for this purpose it is necessary to try to think up and collect such pattern. Levels can be put on liquid nails or to beat accurately carnations. If there is desire, can look also for ready accessories – carved parts (or even shod of metal) which you can also decorate the door.

3. The inside of door can also be painted, sheathed some material, to paste over with self-bonding, photowall-paper or flizelinovy wall-paper. It is undesirable to glue other types of wall-paper on door as they not such durable also are subject to different mechanical damages. Before painting or pasting carefully clean door from old paint, level abrasive paper, putty cracks and other damages if they are available, and progruntuyta surface.

4. It is possible to decorate old outer door so: to put and paste pattern from interline interval; to cut cliche with pattern and to put the drawing with paint; to hang up daisy or wreath from artificial fir-tree branches, flowers, bows, hearts, suspenders; to attach charm from birch bark or the aluminum tubules publishing melodious ring.

5. The interroom door can be decorated in the most various ways too. Decorate it with mosaic from interline interval.

6. Attach flexible plastic mirror, and on it – ready carved parts.

7. Draw patterns on door by means of cliche and aerosol.

8. Order some landscape expensive to your heart or look from the artist, and issue edge of picture door baguette.

9. Paint door desirable color basis, cover it with glue, and then gold leaf. When glue dries, remove excess gold and varnish surface.

10. Make door in style vintage. For this purpose collect different pieces – the glass, mirror, splinters of tile, sink, flat pebbles and so forth. Paste all this chaotically on door and varnish.

11. Laminate family photos, interesting city views, landscapes and so forth. Paint door the main tone; then draw rectangles with other shades in which attach the photos. From above varnish everything.

12. If your interroom door has glass, it is possible to replace it opaque, smoky, figured or to make stained-glass window – pseudo- or even real, of glass with facet. Apply prints in the form of old picturesque cloths or engravings on glass. And instead of one glass try to insert into your door two thin, and between them to lay the beautiful fabric or lacy napkins bought or hand-knitted.

13. All that, what are you doing, has to be carried out very accurately, be combined on color and style with your room and its situation. It is good also if at your product there are sense of proportion and art taste. You remember: to lick old door into shape, you should spend a lot of time, forces and means.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team