How to decorate old furniture

How to decorate old furniture

To leave quite sadly old furniture if it extent of many years was pleasing to the eye. However today it has already lost the charm, paint has cracked, and the joy of its contemplation you not semi-chat. There are many ways of transformation of old things, but the simplest and effective – decoupage.

It is required to you

  • - color three-layer napkins for table layout with beautiful ornament or special napkins for decoupage;
  • - PVA glue or special glue for decoupage;
  • - brush for putting glue;
  • - putty;
  • - abrasive paper with fine grain for grinding;
  • - primer on tree;
  • - varnish for work fixing;
  • - scissors.


1. Decoupage is technology of gluing on various plastic and wooden surfaces of thin napkins. For acquisition of necessary tools and consumables visit hardware store (putty, primer, it is possible to buy special brushes and rollers for their drawing in the same place) and also department of office supplies and goods for creativity which are in all large department stores. There you will find napkins for decoupage, special glue, varnish for finishing processing, or ready set. There are also special shops where it is possible to get everything for creative process.

2. First of all it is necessary to prepare surface. Whatever equal it was externally, it is necessary to walk on it abrasive paper to get rid of old paint and varnish. If on furniture there are hollows and cracks, it is necessary to cover carefully them with putty then in addition to grind abrasive paper. Perhaps, it is necessary to repeat the procedure before achievement of smoothness. After thorough alignment cover surface with primer and leave for full drying.

3. The following step - preparation of the image. Take either three-layer serving napkin, or special napkin for decoupage. Small scissors cut out the necessary elements from it. It can be flower, tree, fruit, ornament, or some other image. It is possible to use technology of fragmentary decoupage also: not to cut ornament, and just to tear paper artistic image. If you use serving napkin, it is necessary to separate from it excess layers, having left only that which with the image.

4. Further the picture is pasted to surface. For this purpose apply glue on reverse side of napkin, then apply ornament to the right place on furniture and carefully press. If in any place of pasting has not occurred, it is possible to walk brush on outer end of napkin, and then soft rag to erase surplus of glue. Cover with napkins separate parts or all surface of furniture.

5. After full drying of work varnish it, glossy or opaque, it is desirable to make several layers. Your new old furniture is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team