How to decorate regiments

How to decorate regiments

Such piece of furniture as the shelf performs not only practical function, containing in itself household items, but also serves as decorative element. Decorating the shelf, it is possible to update the bothered landscape of walls and to give to the room absolutely other fresh look.

It is required to you

  • - wall-paper;
  • - glue;
  • - varnish;
  • - scissors;
  • - acrylic paints;
  • - abrasive paper


1. Wall-paper which has remained after repair perfectly will be suitable for dressing. You zashkurit face of the shelf fine-grained abrasive paper and paint right color. Pick up such shade which would be combined or contrasted with color of walls. Take wall-paper and envelop them shelf sides, cut off superfluous. Apply small amount of glue on external side panels, paste wall-paper.

2. To bring the atmosphere of New Year's holidays in the room, decorate regiments with fir-tree paws, tinsel and daisies. Place photos in "New Year's" framework and candles. It is possible to issue shelves, having suspended on them the European attribute of Christmas – bright boot or stocking. Perfectly the Christmas and New Year's cards standing near big red or white Christmas balls look on shelves.

3. Painting – traditional way of registration of shelves. Make cliche of cardboard or buy ready. Paint the shelf and put by means of cliche patterns with paint of more dark tone. Faces of shelves can be pasted over with mosaic. The interesting decision for decoration of shelf - arrangement of decorative plates. They are relevant not only on kitchen shelves, but also to walls in the living room and the hall.

4. Cut from plywood by means of the fret saw patterns or figures. Oshkurite their at first fine-grained abrasive paper. If you want figures to have kept color of wood, varnish them, for example yacht, to zashkurita, passing product across, and then along fibers. Again varnish. If it is going to paint brightly figures, use acrylic paints. Paste or suspend figures on shelves.

5. Decorate and refresh shelf, having issued it in the equipment decoupage. Oshkuriv product, ground it by means of sponge white acrylic paint and let's dry. Separate from napkin top layer with the drawing and lay on polyethylene film or on the file face side down. By means of spray moisten napkin and straighten it. Then accurately attach the file with napkin to one side of the shelf and separate it from napkin layer. Cover napkin with PVA glue or special glue for decoupage. When glue dries up, cover the issued part with acrylic lacquer.

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