how to decorate sliding wardrobe facade

how to decorate sliding wardrobe facade

It is possible to decorate sliding wardrobe, for example, the sostarivaniye equipment. It assumes drawing two shades of paint and craquelure. The craquelure can be used at will. It should be put after each coat of paint.

Old furniture or that that has managed to bother, can be decorated, using technology of decoupage or sostarivaniye.

Necessary materials for decoupage

To restore sliding wardrobe with use of the equipment of decoupage, will be necessary: acrylic paints, PVA, acrylic lacquer and napkins. Glue PVA it is possible to replace with glue for decoupage.

If it is supposed to decorate dekupazhy that cabinet which will be often exposed to damp cleaning, or what will be established indoors with the increased humidity, is more preferable to apply not acrylic lacquer, but varnish to tree. But yacht varnish will become the most reliable option, he is better capable to protect surface from moisture.

Technology of decoupage

To start cabinet door from laminate it is necessary to wash means for washing of ware that will help to get rid of fat. If piece of furniture wooden, it is not necessary to do it. Further the surface of doors should be covered with acrylic paint, having allowed it to dry. Then it is necessary to cut out patterns from napkins. On door surface, in the place where the drawing is supposed to arrange, it is necessary to apply glue, and later it is possible it is necessary to impose pattern on it, having smoothed it with dry-brush. As soon as the pattern is completely strengthened, it is possible to iron it at the edges the brush, the wetted in glue. After gluing it is necessary to leave pattern before full drying, processing of surface acrylic lacquer will become the following step. Acrylic lacquer has to be applied in 2 layers, but the last layer can be put only after drying previous.

Sliding wardrobe decor sostarivaniye equipment

To give to cabinet effect of old times, it is necessary to apply crackle lacquer which is capable to create small cracks on the basis of. For a start it is necessary to choose basic color to which lighter tone will be picked up, it will allow to gain effect of fading. So, if white color is chosen, it is necessary to add a little black color to it. And here white paint will act as surface layer. Further all visible outer sides of cabinet should be painted in basic color. Previously the basis has to be subjected to cleaning. After paint dries, it is possible to put lighter shade. It is possible to start the next stage after drying of the last coat of paint. This stage consists in cleaning by abrasive paper of those areas where basic color will appear. It is necessary to Shkurit until until the top layer of paint is removed. After all surface it is possible to varnish.

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