How to decorate stair enclosure

How to decorate stair enclosure

Residents can take care of purity and cosiness of the entrance. The hope that employees of housing offices will come to the rescue usually thaws pretty fast therefore it is worth thinking of the independent project on targeting of beauty in the stairwell.


1. First of all try to agree with neighbors, having persuaded them to begin the joint project on creation of cosiness in the stairwell. If you have no cleaner, or its work not really suits you, organize in the stairwell cleaning, something like community work day. Find unnecessary rugs and put them before ladder. Ask all to observe purity, charge to children to watch it, such serious action for certain will be pleasant to them, and your entrance will be clean.

2. Through joint efforts make small renovation. Ask younger generation to find cliches, paints, and let they by means of the spray will paint entrance walls. If children participate in decoration of the walls, they will never begin to spoil the work, and bright drawings will serve as decoration of your entrance.

3. Raise money and establish code door in the stairwell if you do not want uninvited guests to visit your territory. Of course, such door will not become guarantee that in the stairwell it will be always clean and cozy, but without it it will be much more difficult to keep the room in appropriate look.

4. If in the stairwell it is cold, and from slots in windows blows, warm them, using special sealants, or just seal up windows for the winter paper strips. Let those residents who have unnecessary carpets, will lay out them on stair enclosures. Each house has houseplants, deliver couple of simple pots with unpretentious flowers on windowsills. Ask residents to water them in turn. If at windows of stair enclosures there are no windowsills, adopt such plants as tradescantia, kamnelomka, chlorophytum or ivy. They can be placed in wall cachepots or on high racks. It is necessary to water plants in the stairwell less than houses.

5. It is possible to decorate entrance also with wall newspapers, ask children to make out their once a week. First, all will be aware of problems of your children, secondly, wall newspapers with photos or pictures will decorate your entrance.

6. Change in turn the fused bulbs in the stairwell, take care of flowers and plants, communicate with neighbors, and then your entrance will become sample of cosiness and comfort.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team